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Making of Travelmate leather messenger bag

There is probably no one thing more important for a company starting up than being able to deliver in a timely manner. Satisfied customers are the keystone of a success and can make or break the startup. Money is going out fast and there is a need for cash flow in. Being able to serve customers fast and reliably is therefore vital. 

Close up of a dremel

As I said in Investment strategy for startups and leather workers part 1 the investment strategy should be simple. Mine is very simple and again I am not talking about stock investment of your future income but about tools and other material needed for production.

The hotel and Casino Excalibur in Las Vegas Nevada bathed in light at sunset.

When it comes to investment strategy it should be simple. When I Talk about investment strategy I am not talking about how you are getting investors into your company nor am I talking about how you should invest the enormous profit you are going to make in the newly started firm. No I am plain and simply discussing the cost of a start up and how much you are willing to invest in that startup. Further more, I am thinking about what you invest your money in.

six books about leather

There are not all to many new books on leather work that have been published lately. Actually I have found non. My main reference in learning how to deal with different things has been the net and youtube but I felt it was not enough so I have been doing some research into what options you have regarding books and reading material for leather workers. I am willingly leaving out any special books about tolling as I am not there yet and feel that is an completely different area to enter and should only be entered after getting the hangs of other things first.

Leather work patterns made with Illustrator

Lately I have been moving all my design sketches and ideas into Adobe Illustrator some thing I should have done sooner as it helps a lot with all pattern making. Design redesign moving lines and testing things become so much easier especially when you are not to good at drawing. I do like to make sketches physically with paper and pencils and draw up patterns with all kinds of rulers.

A large stitching pony for leather work made from old chair

Building a beautiful large stitching pony for leather work is not as hard as one would think and there is a good chance that the material needed is somewhere right in front of you. Now I do not recommend that you start shopping up your furniture like I have done previously, but a chair is the solution just like before. 

Travelmate Leather messenger bag with python skin from good Old Company

Before I took the final decision of plunging into the leather work business I did a preliminary market research. First I scouted the world wide web to see what was cooking and then I used the opportunity to go window shopping. It was late November and all the Christmas goods where out in the shops. This gave me a good head start on seeing what was considered salable and the pricing of it. In january I have been visiting shops again. Now after the sales are over to see what products are considered “timeless” and not only seasonal.

Leather cuff with fish skin and concho

"What now”: a co worker in the national library in Mo i Rana up in North Norway asked when I was leaving. "What are you going to do now". "Find work”: I answered swiftly. A simple plan. As simple as plans can get. I was to be reunited with my wife in Bergen after living for 6 months in my motorhome up there in the middle north of nowhere. Life was to be simple. She had work in Bergen and I was going to find some work there to. Nothing special to it. But life had other plans.