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Testing waterproofing wolffish

We are constantly testing methods to improve the longevity of our products and the versatility of them. This time testing to waterproof a fish.

You might think that fish leather was different than other leather when it comes to being waterproof. It is not.

The fish that we use Salmon, cod and wolffish comes from the Icelandic tannery Atlantic leather and even though their process of tanning leaves the leather fairly water repellent then its not more repellent than other leather.

Singer 29k15 leather sewing machine

I had a utopian wish that I might get by with out a sewing machine and just stick to doing every thing by hand, but I have now realized that even thought I can do most any thing it is a tad bit more effective to have a sewing machine.

As I had taken the decision to by e a machine I started looking around for one. One day while in my shop a cobbler from Australia stopped by and he gave me the advise to find an old Adler or an old singer. Preferably one with out any electricity. I should be both decorative in the shop and fun to use beside they are virtually unbreakable. 

classic American style leather belt from good old company

Its not all to difficult to make a leather belt for men or women. Still there are couple of things that you need to think about when making it so it is good to have a step by step instructions on how to make it if you have never done it before. 

Simple handy leather belt pattern for leather workers

Until now I have not been doing so many belts that I could call it a serious mass production. Still I decided from the start to do a pattern for different size of belts. Pattern that would keep me from forgetting if I would only do belt once in a while and that would help with cutting and marking holes and stitching.

For this work I made a short pattern that had two main elements in aiding me in my leatherbelt making. One was the tip. An other is the holes and their distribution and then the third is the part with the cut out for the buckle.

Belt made out of wolffish fish leather

I think it is about 15 years ago that I first came a cross an item made out of fish leather. It was a woman in the design division of Icelandic school of arts that was working on some garments made out of Fish leather. I thought this was absolutely fabulous material and said to my self that one day I would use it for some thing. Just any thing, but being a photographer not leather worker at that time I had no Idea what.

Selling a swimsuit to some one in the desert is not very vise. Neither is trying to sell sand to Sahara.  Through a phone call today, I learned a valuable lesson in marketing and what not to do regarding marketing effort. This call had nothing to do with leatherwork but gave me a useful lesson. I had arrived at work and was preparing a day of production when the phone rang and it was a number I did not recognize.

Slim Jim Bifold leather wallet with coin pocket

Last week I had a returning client come into our new shop in Bergen. He had bought one of my thin style goat skin card wallets and was more than happy with it, but he had been thinking that he might want a new one that would solve his problem of having two wallets. He had one wallet for cards and an other for coins and bills. Bothe where a slim style wallets.

How to make hand stitched Goatskin leather tray with fish skin decoration

The other day I had some clients visit my new shop  Hraun art and design in Bergen, Norway the place where Good Old Company has its home and workshop. They where interested in products from fish leather and wanted to know if I could make a table top leather tray with two types of fish leather for decoration. Beside the problem that they where leaving Norway the next day it seemed like a just any other ordinary task, which it of course was not.

good old business leather briefcase with wolffish fishskin fish leather

It has been a long process of design for the new good old briefcase that I have nicknamed Big Bertha in the design process because of its size. Big Bertha had a barrel that was 12 calibre in length, 42 cm (16.5inch) which is the width of this leather briefcase, the biggest for now in the new line of satchel and messenger bags from Good Old company.

Grillgutten leather apron

Its been hectic two months May and June. After pondering over not weather to go for the start up with full force but where. We had almost given up on starting our projects Good Old Company and Tales of Travel this year and had in fact settled for slow start this year and then put full effort into it next year when suddenly a location we thought might be just perfect was vacant. We had next to no time to think about this and we decided to jump. Thus Hraun (lava) art and design was born.