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Do You have fish in your pocket?

Fish as fashion is trending and now you can walk around with fish in your pocket, hold it under your arm or have it hanging on your hip, with out smelling like a fish and chip restaurant.
Material, prior seen as useless and thrown away, has now become exotic and is used in exclusive design of wallets like the Eco wallet, hand stitched bifold card wallet using fish leather from Salmon, Cod or Wolffish.

10 crowd funding lessons as we are ready to rock and roll - Kickstarter day 16

We just got the green light from Kickstarter with only minor improvements suggestions so after two months of thinking and researching and two weeks of hard work we are finally ready to rock and roll. Once we have tweaked the site a bit we open up for business and this is when the real work starts. Lets go over the process once again.
The lesson learned so far is this :

The dreading video you have to make for your crowdfunding campaign - Kickstarter day 12

If you thought I was awfully quiet in the last couple of days you are right. My brain has been in full swing trying to solve the video. This is actually the part I did not want to do by my self. If I had bunch of money I would with out hesitation have hired professionals for this part. But I do not have a stack of cash under my pillow so what can I do.

Lets talk photography for your crowd funding and why you should not use your smartphone - Kickstarter campaign day 12

There are few things that can make or break a crowd funding campaign as fast as photographs can. The hype in dressgate should show that peoples perception of things and their color varies a lot so if your product is not shown in the right light or the right surroundings people can draw completely wrong picture of your product. 

Have you checked your social media and web tracks - kickstarter campaign day 10

Now that we are getting closer to register our project with kickstarter and fill out all those fields we need to fill out, there is one last thing we have to prepare and check. It is our footprints on the web and in social media. If you are any thing like me you have through out the years jumped onboard lot of new trends in social media and definitely left a digital trail of your handling on line. Now is the time to check the facts.

The hard part of starting out building up or converting your crowd in a Kickstarter campaign - day 9

If you are a young gun starting out on your first adventure it may not seem like a big task to get your friends and family to support what you are doing and to have faith in your capability of seeing this project through. Most likely they are the first one to jump on the helping hand wagon and do what is needed for you to succeed. All parents want their children to have some form of success and your true friends do also want you to have success.

What is the ultimate amount to aim for in a crowd funding campaign - my kickstarter journey day 6

There is no easy way to figure out what is the ultimate amount to aim for in your kickstarter campaign. Sure enough there are some statistics to research at kickstarter and other crowd funding sites and you should definitely do your homework in reading those. When it comes to the final decision though, it is up to you and your project what goal to set.

10 steps to the basic crowd funding budget preparation -Kickstarter campaign day 5

Now that we know what we are fighting for,  as I mentioned in last post, we have to establish the cost of what we are fighting for. Are we going for funding of the whole project or just part of the project or are we funding the start of a longterm project like I am doing. What ever the project is we have to do the math.

Kickstarter campaign day 4 - what are you trying to achieve through fundraising

Now that we have established the basics to build our fundraising on we have to figure out within our self why we are doing this. Do we fit with in the criteria most backers put up. Does our project fit with in Kickstarter or is there an other venue like Indgogo or Karolinafund that is better suited. What is it that we are trying to achieve. What do we want.


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