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 Because of the rawness of the material it is impossible to make an other one exactly like this one but if you want a similar with out the rough scars and branding contact us. We tailor make all kinds of leather products for our customers. With the snowscape like form of the salmon fish leather, this clutch is an artwork by it self and can as well hang on a wall as a decoration as be used to enhance a beauty at a festive event.Black studded evening leather clutch with...


!Sold! - Big leather briefcase with wolffish fishleather decoration
This briefcase is big enough to hold a 15" computer and documents. It is hand stained and hand stitched and is strong enough to hold a horse. 



Bergen leather city bag with cod fishleather decoration
Bergen city bag is hand stained and hand stiched from cow hide with goatskin patch and salmon skin fishleather as a decoration



Black colored salmon fishleather  combined with natural color salmon and cow hide. Studded with half dome studs and texas star hand stitched with White Riza thread



Eco wallet - Cod.  Bifold leather card wallet made from the skin of Cod fish. The material is natural colour fish leather that enhances the turkish feel of the leather after tanning. The fish leather is made from Cod caught or harvested in Iceland.
The wallet is Hand stitched with white strong Riza thread and the edges coloured and sealed with black edge coat. This Credit card wallet has 4 inside pockets that hold 6 - 8 cards.
The wallets are ultra thin and compact in size ...


Now you can stop making holes in trouser with this handy little key pocket made out of goat leather and fish leather.The leather strap is long enough to snap the pocket on a belt and have it hanging as a decoration. The key pockets come in Cod , Salmon and wolffishSustainable fashion is a key ingredient in our design philosophy and the fishleather and the leather hides we use are all a bi-product of thee food industry. The fish leather comes from Iceland and is tanned there using green...


Brown hand stitched wolffish leather belt

Made out of carefully selected finest of 3,5mm thick leather and fishleather from Iceland. Atlantic wolffish leather belts are edge coated with brown colour and the belt buckle holes are lined with metal grommets. Because the fish leather is attached to the flesh side of the belt it is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. The base colour of the back is brown but it can be ordered in almost any custom leather colour If your...


Natural colour Cod fish leather wallet with brown interior goat skin, hand stitched with off white Riza color and edge coated with brown.

Given the nature of these wallets, the Cod fish leather as the outer material has variation and is not accurately as the image shows. If you want to select a special outer version contact us for pictures of stock material. Inner material will also have variations given the hand made process of colour staining natural hide. Scars and blemishes may (...


Slim design fishleather card wallet with cod skin that easily fits a shirt pocket and will not make a bulk in suits. 
The inner material is hand coloured veg tan goat skin
The outer material is fishleather from natural colored cod skin
The wallet has 4 pockets and holds 6 - 8 cards 
Dimensions folded: W 7 cm H 10cm
Thickness 7 mm 
Hand stained and hand stitched with Riza thread

Sustainable fashion is a key ingredient in our design philosophy and...


Slim Jim Bifold leather card wallet with outer skin of cod fishleather. The outer material is natural colour fishleather that yields a turkish coloured leather after tanning. The fishleather is made from cod caught in Iceland and Norway and the inner material is hand stained goat leather. The wallet is Hand stitched with white Riza thread and  the edges coloured and sealed with dark brown edge colour.This Credit card wallet has 4 inside pockets that hold 6 - 8 cards. The inner material of...