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Fishleather wallets and key fob
Based on your project you can have simple rewards that will make your kickstarter campaign explode but that is not the average  campaign. Somewhere from 1 to 15  is the range of awards and they vary from $1 and upwards. How did I go about and find out what to offer and why?
Slim Jim leather card wallet with coin pocket
There is no easy way to figure out what is the ultimate amount to aim for in your kickstarter campaign. Sure enough there are some statistics to research at kickstarter and other crowd funding sites and you should definitely do your homework in reading those. When it comes to the final decision though, it is up to you and your project what goal to set.
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Now that we know what we are fighting for,  as I mentioned in last post, we have to establish the cost of what we are fighting for. Are we going for funding of the whole project or just part of the project or are we funding the start of a longterm project like I am doing. What ever the project is we have to do the math.
Fish leather wallet with mahogany interior
Now that we have established the basics to build our fundraising on we have to figure out within our self why we are doing this. Do we fit with in the criteria most backers put up. Does our project fit with in Kickstarter or is there an other venue like Indgogo or Karolinafund that is better suited. What is it that we are trying to achieve. What do we want.
Salmon fish leather wallet
There are probably many small reasons for why people turn to Kickstarter for crowd funding. One base reason is though the most common amongst the project. You have an idea you want to see through and  you need the financing to make it happen with out the overhead of going to a bank and mortgage your house. You might even have mortgaged every thing you own and now need the final funding. 
Leather briefcase with wolffish fish leather decoration
Now that we have decided to go for a Kickstarter campaign to fund our project or our startup we have to do what we should in fact do before we even think about crowd funding in the first place. Its time to fully dissect our project and then reassemble it all so that it fits as a fully planned project. First we have to answer one simple question. What is it that we are doing. What is our project about.
Cod Fishleather belt

In november last year I attended a seminar held by Innovasjon Norge about how to fund your projects. Part of that seminar was introduction to various crowdsourcing  campaigns like Karolinafund , Kickstarter and others. It was a good seminar and did shed a light on many aspects around crowdsourcing and funding your projects.

Cod fish leather belt from good old company
Recently I found an image of mine floating around on Pinterest. In a way it was good. I like when people pin my things but in a way it was bad because the person that had originally pinned it, pinned just this single image and not the link to original blogpost.
Keywords and hasthags on Google plush
Finding the right hash tags for your marketing campaigns can be complicated. Not only is there a multitude of hash word tags out there but finding the popular ones and most importantly the relevant once is hard. If you use G+ you have a nice option that can help you find more keywords fast and easy to add to your posts and help you in your marketing effort to get wider audience.
Creation of a special edition Mulberry Mini Cara Delevingne Bag

I love to interact with other makers and crafters from the leather and hand makers industry. Giving and getting tips is the game of improving your self and keeping the tradition of handcraft alive for further generations to use. Last summer I was lucky enough to get a visit to my shop from an english family who has been connected to and working in the leather business for a long time and the daughter is currently at work at Mulberry. It was a nice visit and taught me a bit more about the industry and how things are done in the high end companies.