Lets talk photography for your crowd funding and why you should not use your smartphone - Kickstarter campaign day 12 | Good old Company

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There are few things that can make or break a crowd funding campaign as fast as photographs can. The hype in dressgate should show that peoples perception of things and their color varies a lot so if your product is not shown in the right light or the right surroundings people can draw completely wrong picture of your product. 
When it comes to taking picture I highly recommend that you turn to professional photographer or some one that knows about  light, color and color correction in particular. You want your images to show the right colors of the product you are pitching. The light setup does not have to be complicated and you do not need a heavy duty professional camera. It is more about knowledge of how to use the camera and set lights that are flattering for your product.
This is why you do not want to use your smart phone. But it is not the only reason. Smartphones, even though you have today some apps to take control of your images, are not good as cameras for products for many reasons. One being that the lens will distort things easily and then controlling colors and contrast can be difficult. The quality is for the most part bad unless you plan to ban your project from being shown on big screens. 
Further more you do want to be able to send your images to media and this craves quality photographs so that the likelyhood of getting published becomes higher. You do also need to pitch your project in social media and in different sizes and format. Working with the compressed image from a smart phone decreases quality each time the image is saved. What ever you do stay away from your phone when taking the pictures. You can use it for the Video no problem but not for your product images. 
Given that you either use the outdoors on an overcast day or you make a setup with simple houeshold lamps or your garage led lights, you can use a relatively cheap point and shoot camera. If you are a bit tech savvy and have photoshop or Lightroom (which I recommend) , a point and shoot cameras from Nikon or Canon and others like Sony are all usable. If you have invested in some thing little more high end camera like the Canon 7d or 600D it will be good both for your photography and your video. 
KISS is the main concern. Sure enough you could and maybe should do a bit more fancy stuff for the main image of your project but when it comes to the products them self, keep it simple and make sure that the focus of the setup and the camera is on the product. Do not make a heavy setup where your product drowns in props. And find a camera angle that flatters your product not flattens it. 
Simply by making the light as flat as possible you should be on the save side. Playing with light and shadow can addd to things but make sure you have at least one picture from every angel of your product that is flat. Lifestyle type of photography and the product in usable environment will have to be carefully planed and made with the product it self in mind. Showing it at its best.
There are bunch of different lighting options out there. If you want to invest in speedlights for this make sure that they have a turnable head and that you can control the strength of the out put. Bit more professional lighting equipment need more knowledge in use so try to stay away from them unless you are a quick learner.
Simplest of all is taking a large piece of white paper out doors on an overcast day and use as background. In case you do not have the weather you can set it up by the window and use aluminum paper or mirror as reflectors. I do recommend that you invest in a gray card, no matter where you do the images and in what light. Using a gray card is a tremendous help in color correction and even though you do not know how to use it you can get some help if you just use it  at the start of your photo session. Good luck and good imagery


For the next couple of weeks I will be blogging on regular basis about my work in relation to this Kickstarter campaign of ours. The preparation, launch and executing of it. Success and failures. It will be a kind of a diary.  Leaving nothing behind. Hopefully it will give you some help in similar situation. Stay tuned, stay happy and keep on stitching.