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Now that we are getting closer to register our project with kickstarter and fill out all those fields we need to fill out, there is one last thing we have to prepare and check. It is our footprints on the web and in social media. If you are any thing like me you have through out the years jumped onboard lot of new trends in social media and definitely left a digital trail of your handling on line. Now is the time to check the facts.
I could remember that I am registered at Facebook, G+, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and instagram. This on the other hand is just in connection with my company, the Good Old Company. I my self personally am registered here and there and just about every where. Specially if it is a site that has something to do with photography. On top of that my name shows up in searches all over the web in connection with publication of my pictures. Doing a web search for my name and my company and images shows that I have not done any thing stupid I had forgotten that might sabotage my campaign. There is nothing there I can not defend or live with. In fact it seems like Im a sweet little mamas boy :) .
When you are ready to fill out the -About you- page in your Kickstarter campaign it is time too do a little search on your self just to see if you are registered somewhere you forgot about and you need to update that information. You want your about page to be as coherent as possible all over the place. Do a picture search to of you and your company just to see if there are some old ghosts in the closet you need to prepare for.
It is good to do this because you need to use all your media and social media skills to get the word out to possible backers. At the same time you do not want to cast any shadow on all the work you have laid down to make this a successful campaign. Finding those forgotten networks that might come in handy now could be helpful. 
Check your facts every where and then tweak your home page as the last part of putting all the media bits down in the puzzle. You do not want to be spending time fixing things after your campaign has started. You are not a politician with a team of PR specialists that can tackle damaging situation. You will have your hands full on sending out e-mail and press releases and tweeting and blogging and sending pictures to all the social media outlets. On top of that you will have to stay alert in all social media and ready to answer any question that might come. Train by making getting your friends to throw them at you. 
Make your strategy now! Plan on which of the sites, where you are registered at, you are going to use as your main outlet and start preparing images and text ahead of time. The first few days when you check the backers every 5 minutes and cant figure out why this is not working, is the moment you should be spending on spreading the news about the project, not biting your nails. That comes on the last day along with your smile of success.  Now go write text and remember the 5 W. More on that to morrow. 
For the next couple of weeks I will be blogging on regular basis about my work in relation to this Kickstarter campaign of ours. The preparation, launch and executing of it. Success and failures. It will be a kind of a diary.  Leaving nothing behind. Hopefully it will give you some help in similar situation. Stay tuned, stay happy and keep on stitching.