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Imovie video making
If you thought I was awfully quiet in the last couple of days you are right. My brain has been in full swing trying to solve the video. This is actually the part I did not want to do by my self. If I had bunch of money I would with out hesitation have hired professionals for this part. But I do not have a stack of cash under my pillow so what can I do.
In an ideal situation I would be in Iceland, pick up the phone and call one of my many friends with in the field of  film making. I could even call some of my photography friends with the right gear to come and help me. The fact speaking for it self is that I am in Norway and my only friend here that I know that possibly could help me out is not reachable at the moment. It is not here fault, it is mine. I have not listened to my self and have not laid out the manuscript clear enough for others to help. I do not want to peoples to spend unnecessary time helping me with some thing I have not fully planed. That is rude.
So I have to solve this my self in the timeline I make and with the software and equipment I have at hand. That per se is not all to difficult. I just have to brush up on my knowledge of several software and then I have to think in terms of moving image, not static photography. How difficult could that be.
Oh I forgot. The cast of the movie. That is me. Darn and I hate being in front of the camera just as much as I love being behind it. A low budget film has to do with the low budget actors it gets so I guess we will have to force forth our alter ego that loves the lime light and make it dance in front of the camera. No not literarily speaking.
The planing is easy if you have had small insight into journalism. This is of course some thing you startet with when laying down the lines for your project. I am talking about the 5 W of journalism. They should help in making the manuscript and the workflow of your movie. 
SO this makes it easy.
Who - Me 
Where - in my workshop
What - My fishleather products
When - yesterday or at least ASAP
Why -because fish is fashion and every one loves sustainable fashion. Or because we need a video for our kickstarter campaign.
Now we can get to the script. 
1. I need to introduce me and my project Fish is fashion and why you should back up a project that uses sustainable material like fishleather. Now that is not so hard and the text should be there already.
2. Where. Now here there are lot of different possibilities but as we are going to make a simple form of video it is going to be in my workshop.
3. When it comes to what the plot thickens. This is the juicy part of the video. The part that shows the product and at the same time explains any vital process of it. Also the usability a, strength, Quality, speciality of material and so on. All crammed in a two minutes of video footage.
I am breaking this into several parts.
a. tools
c. work process
d. stitching
e. finishing
f. usability
g. different functions and looks
4. When is actually the explanation of when this project is taking place. Again a shot of me and the product giving the time for the project start and finish
5. Why is me explaining why Fish. Why fish is fashion and why I do feel that I have to do this and why I hope you feel the same and are willing to support this project.
Now how hard was that. In fact not at all so hard as it sounds. The hard part is fitting it all into a short movie. Filming the clips. Recording sound. Finding music (Hallo Petur!). Editing the footage. Cutting it and timing. Recording the extra speech. Setting up text and then finally do the export and upload.
I could do this by hitting the record button of my smart phone and leave it at that, but I do not think I could live with that. Not in this case, I feel that I owe it to you to make a little bit more effort and do a tiny bit better job. So if I sound dreary and look sleepy in the video you know why. I have been spending my time pulling my hair over some feature I forgot where is in the video software.
Yes I am doing it my self with the help of simplest of tools. I have the complete Adobe Creative Cloud package and I have a Mac with both Garage Band and Imovie along with some other software so I think I can do this in an ok manner.
Now back to the story board. I need to finish this movie so I can start the project.


For the next couple of weeks I will be blogging on regular basis about my work in relation to this Kickstarter campaign of ours. The preparation, launch and executing of it. Success and failures. It will be a kind of a diary.  Leaving nothing behind. Hopefully it will give you some help in similar situation. Stay tuned, stay happy and keep on stitching.