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Eco wallet - bifold card walllet from salmon
Eco wallet - bifold card walllet from salmon
Fish as fashion is trending and now you can walk around with fish in your pocket, hold it under your arm or have it hanging on your hip, with out smelling like a fish and chip restaurant.
Material, prior seen as useless and thrown away, has now become exotic and is used in exclusive design of wallets like the Eco wallet, hand stitched bifold card wallet using fish leather from Salmon, Cod or Wolffish.
Sustainability is a keyword for the future of fashion and Good Old Company, a designer of leather items , is proud to be a part of ecological and sustainable thinking, by offering a variety of products in leather and fish leather, handmade from fish, caught and produced, using green energy, in a sustainable way in Iceland.
By taking a bi product from the food and fish industry in Iceland, Atlantic leather has created a luxurious leather that now is becoming popular with high end fashion brands like Dior, Chanel, Gucci, Nike, Calvin Klein, Jimmy Choo, Ferragamo and now Good Old Company.
There is no limit to possibilities with in the use of fish leather and Good Old Company uses it to create wallets, belts, clutches , earrings , handbags and briefcases along with using it as decoration on interior design objects. The only limit is the imagination of the designers.
By combining fish leather with finest of high quality leather from Tärnsjö in Sweden, Good Old Company can truly state, that their design is done with respect for nature and natural resources and that its products are manufactured to go against the markets of disposal world, by having strength and high quality that makes the design items last a lifetime.
Fish leather has ample raw material supplies and is sustainable, flexible and luxurious.
With the use of exotic leather as fish skin, the craving for non sustainable hunt of animals like reptiles and snakes to harvest their skin decreases.
Further more the possibilities of building tanneries, utilizing fish that already is caught for consumption around the world, opens up many possibilities with better use of raw material and more sustainability in many countries.


Good Old Company is now running a Kickstarter campaign to secure the future of its fishleather design in hope to be able to spread the gospel of sustainable living and full use of natural resources like fish leather already harvested. Good Old Company believes that fish is fashion and that fish is the future.

For further information about Fish is fashion, the  Kickstarter campaign, see the project it self:

Eco wallet - bifold card walllet from salmon
Eco wallet - bifold card walllet from salmon
Eco wallet - bifold card walllet from salmon