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Edge coating on a fishleather belt
Edge coating on a fishleather belt

Edge coating leather may seem like a daunting task but the reality of it is that it is not as hard as it sounds proven that you have the right work method and the right, but simple tools to do the job with properly. 

In the video I show you the basic tools you need to get good results that with a little practice will give you edge coating of leather and fish leather products on a professional level. 

The key to good edges is in clean cuts and the sanding preparation before edge coating and the sanding in-between layers of coat. 

What you need
To do this you need sanding paper

240 grit

800 grit

1200 grit

2000 grit

and it is good to have a nail polishing block at hand also


The Edge Coat 

For the edge coating you can use fiebings - edge coat, R.O.C or fenice edge coat or any other that is your favourite brand


Old (or new) paintbrush with long hair

Other tools

Extras that can come in handy for the work is

Branding iron

and half domed irons (creasers) for the branding iron


Now watch the video and start your practicing



Professionally coated edges on a fishleather watch strap
Difference between Fiebings and Fenice edge coat
Floating of edgecoat on leather
Paintbrush with long hair used for edge coating leather and fishleather
Sanding after first round of edge coat on leather
To little edge coat results in a bump in the floating on leather
Good floating of edge coat on leather
fiebings glossy edge coat on leather
Fenice edge coat on fish leather watch strap
Perfect edges of dry edge coat on cod fish leather belt